Just now sitting to breakfast at Heathrow Airport in London waiting for my flight to Entebbe, Uganda. It's been an exciting couple of weeks leading up to this moment. After the holidays, I went to Paris to continue improving my French, however, I was happily sidetracked by the opportunity presented by Yobel International.  

When I was researching development curriculum for our cooperative, I came across Yobel's Entrepreneurship Training Course. After a few emails, it was arranged that Executive Director, Sarah Ray, and Media and Design Associate, Mattea Norman, will travel to Aru, Congo and deliver a five day workshop to our cooperative!

"Yobel International has created an interactive, discussion-based Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum to be utilized in developing communities for the purpose of empowering those communities to leave a life of poverty and vulnerability by learning to implement ethical and effective business skills." 

We will cover important topics such as: Business Basics, Marketing, Comparative Advantage, Customer Service, and Household Savings. We are truly blessed by this opportunity and look forward to their arrival!!

As I traveled from Paris to London, I stopped in Rome for a 19 hour layover. I made my way toward the Vatican via Crescenzio to meet my friends, Elena and Digna. We also went to visit the Canossian Sisters where I retrieved a box of donated zippers from some of our supporters in Brescia, Italy. Then, despite the late hour of 11 pm, we enjoyed an amazing antipasto, Italian dinner! 

About to board the flight. Look for my next post from Kampala, Uganda  - à bientôt!!