that all may promote authentic economic development that respects the dignity of all peoples.”

There is hardly a more powerful expression of our own mission than that of the 2014 prayer intention of Pope Francis. As a social enterprise, we believe that individuals and families will benefit by becoming a contributing members of the global economy. We strive to represent a new style of business that places the human person at the center. We work to ensure that everyone involved is given the dignity and rewards of honest work. We seek to connect, serve, and inspire all those who take part in our business — from artisans in Congo to customers in the West.

We engage in meaningful business for the realization of dignity. A prosperous business will make a fine profit, but that is not our goal. Our true aim is two-fold. First, it is to give individuals in Congo a chance to connect—economically—with the global marketplace, thus raising-up their lives and their children so that they can live with the basic comforts and security that we in the West often take for granted. Second, is to give persons in the U.S. a chance to connect with the developing world: to extend a hand that lifts them out of poverty. The significance of these actions will have a tremendous and lasting impact. We hope to be a leader in person-centered business: one that uplifts each person involved and promotes true development through economic opportunity.